The Traveling Tank And Who They Protect

Traveling tanks or light tanks are tanks in the US Army formulated for rapid movement as opposed to the slow-moving battle tanks. These tanks were constructed prior to World War Two and continued to be of use more than any other variant of the battle tank. The current light tanks are light and very mobile. Some light tanks are also amphibious and move through the water with hydrojets or with their tracks.

Light tanks are used primarily in situations where the major threat of explosives Read the rest of this entry »

People Skills And Their Importance While Operating War Equipment

The men and women of the US military are brave heroes who risk their lives every day so that the rest of us can live in peace. The dangerous career requires soldiers to pick up many new skills in order to perform their many duties. For those who are in charge of driving and operating tanks and armored vehicles, a skill that must be mastered to complete missions successfully is communication.

Most armored vehicles are manned Read the rest of this entry »

Learning Cooperation Wth Soldiers Within An Armored Car

Armored vehicles are used in the military and in private security groups across the world. These vehicles must be able to withstand bullets, bombs and other threats. They are built at a facility that specializes in armored vehicles. These companies also specialize in providing weapons for the military and private security services. Armored vehicles are also used to transport a large amount of cash from banks, grocery stores and retail centers.

These armored vehicles must also withstand bullets and other physical threats. Security guards and soldiers who ride in these armored vehicles must learn Read the rest of this entry »

Soldier, Is Your Family Truly Safe?

A lot of servicemen and women read my site and talk a lot about how tough it is to leave the family behind so I decided to address that, today.

Every soldier wonders about the safety of their family. Whether it’s being able to provide for them while overseas or ensure that they are safe back home while the fight is being fought – soldiers have a lot on their mind.

However, one thing they teach you in boot camp, be it in the armor division or anywhere else, is the importance of focus. You need to be focused and as important as family is, your thoughts need to be on the mission and not back home.

So how do you do that?

Well, it’s not easy, but there are a number of things you can talk about with your family before deploying to help put your mind at ease.

For starters, most soldiers have access to military housing. You aren’t the only soldier with a family and there are plenty more in these developments. Get your family acclimated to one of these communities so they have someone to reach out to if there’s trouble.

If you’re especially worried about the security of the home, it might be time to open discussion about a home security system. The market is hot for security and you’ll find plenty of sites that should have what you need.

And if that is still not enough, there’s always man’s best friend. Consider getting one. Heck, if you’re in the military, they might have a program where you can take in a deployed vet’s dog or a retired malinois.

Cautionary Tales of Driving Armored Tanks

The U.S. Armor Division has come a long way in the last few years. Not only has the Tanks that now serve in the Armed Forces battle field become a lot safer with a ton of armor material upgrades, a large amount of recently added safe guards, and plenty of new ammunition. The last few years have provided the U.S. Armed Forces with a wide variety of different types of Armored Vehicles. Today we have a specialized type of AV for any situation. Whenever we need supplies Read the rest of this entry »

Riding With The Old Ironsides Division

The 1st Armored Division in the United States Army is nicknamed the Old Ironsides Division. They got this nickname from their first commander, Major General Magruder, after he nicknamed the USS Constitution the same thing. The 1st Armored Division is famous for being the first of the U.S. Army in World War II to see battle. It was 1940 when Old Ironsides Division was first formed by Colonel Voorhis who took men from multiple military forts and combined them into a division. The 1st Armored Division is now station in Fort Bliss, Texas and has Read the rest of this entry »

A Chance To Drive A Tank In The Desert

Being in the military allows you with the opportunity to experience things that you would be otherwise able to experience. One such thing is visiting certain countries that would otherwise be closed off due to warfare and safety, many in the Middle East and the deserts that surround them. While the desert is generally not the place of fantasy for many, the majority of people will never have the opportunity to experience life in these deserts due to the closed off nature of these nations. It will provide a unique world experience that can add Read the rest of this entry »

Manning The Skies With The Armor Division

When it comes to the safety of our country, there are so many brave military divisions risking their lives to allow us the freedoms we have. It can sometimes be difficult for some people to realize what’s at stake if they don’t know everything the military entails.

The Armor Division is just as important as any other division in the military. These courageous men and women don’t just man the land. They can also fight for us from the sky. To keep everyone safe, there are times that Read the rest of this entry »

Tales Serving With The “Pyramid Of Power”

Serving on an armored division is one of the best divisions to serve on.
It has the closest sense of brotherhood and closeness greater than any other division, in terms of camaraderie between its members.

As for the the mental aspects, you will definitely need to be both mentally and physically prepared to serve in this division.
One reason for this is due to the fact that the armored divisions are very important and tend to be heavily attacked and targeted.

The Read the rest of this entry »